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Pacifica French Lilac Natural Body Soap 6 oz.

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"I am always wonderfully surprised when I smell the first blooms of spring lilacs. It is as if each year I forget how amazing this flower smells. But the fleeting blossoms, symbolic of the first moments of love, innocence and purity, are soon just a memory. This joyful blend attempts to capture that blissful time and place." Brook, Pacifica Scentologist

Ingredients: Pacifica's French Lilac Natural Soap is handmade from a biodegradable vegetable oil and glycerin soap base, ground almond meal, and Pacifica's own fragrance blend of ylang ylang, oakmoss, and heliotrope essential oils.

All of Pacifica's Soaps are rich-lathering and wonderfully moisturizing. They're also sulfate-free and contain no parabens, animal ingredients or artificial colors. Absolutely no animal testing, either. 100% Vegan. 6 oz.
Manufacturer: Pacifica

Price: $6.50